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DR. MOREPEN CN 10 NEBULIZER Thing delineation In medicine, a nebulizer[1] or nebuliser[2] (see spelling contrasts) is a prescription device used to oversee sedate as a haze took in into the lungs. Nebulizers are normally used for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, copd and other respiratory illnesses or disorders.the brand name of Dr. Morepen has a front-situating closeness in the prosperity class. Its scope of surely understood otc things, among which burnol, lemolate, sat isabgol and significantly more are undisputably ordinarily perceived names, have spread easing and cheer in various homes and lives.Dr. Morepen nebulizer cn-10 is ideal nebulizer for respiratory tract treatmentand have almost uproar less undertaking. It is definitely not hard to tidy and keep up and is extreme, long life blower. Ideal nebulizer for respiratory tract treatment Medication breaking point of 5 milliliters Ordinary nebulizer rate of 0.2 milliliters/minute Open/close vent for customer selectable control of medication rate Power rating of cooling 220v 50 hz CALL : 9745073860, 0484 2526664
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