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INFI MANUAL BREAST PUMP This Manual Breast siphon is light weight and limited in plan. It is definitely not hard to use either at home or outside if you are voyaging. Light weight and reduced, Infi Manual Breast Pump is definitely not hard to work with one hand and prepared to convey it wherever and at whatever point effectively. Pervasive Silent Motor – grants imparting in complete assurance wherever, at whatever point. Remarkable Features Goes with holder and areola and best for container to pass on chest siphon For profitable use this chest direct at home or in a rush and Small and Compact Easy to gather, Easy to use, Easy to clean Single siphoning Continuously spotless for chest as all parts can be sanitized Kid can be supported just in the wake of imparting chest milk using associated areola set Call : 97450 73860, 0484 2526664
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