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LEUKOPOR ADHESIVE TAPE Thing Description - the fragile tape for remarkably tricky skin Leukopor® is made of a fragile and flexible polyester thick nonwoven checked with a skin-obliging polyacrylate stick. It is inside and out vulnerable against air along these lines decreasing the risk of macerations. Leukopor® is remarkable suffered by the skin. It clears enough without leaving any improvement. Central occupations Fixation of turned dressings of various sorts and sizes on a very basic level fragile skin Checking of anodes and assessing contraptions CALL : 9745073860, 0484 2526664

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INFI MANUAL BREAST PUMP This Manual Breast siphon is light weight and restricted in plan. It is unquestionably not difficult to utilize either at home or outside on the off chance that you are voyaging. Light weight and decreased, Infi Manual Breast Pump is unquestionably not difficult to work with one hand and arranged to pass on it wherever and at whatever point successfully. Unavoidable Silent Motor – awards bestowing in hard and fast protection wherever, at whatever point. Remarkable Features Runs with compartment and areola and best for holder to pass on chest siphon For advantageous utilize this chest direct at home or in a surge and Small and Compact Simple to accumulate, Easy to utilize, Easy to clean Single siphoning Coherently ideal for chest as all parts can be purged Tyke can be proceeded with just in the wake of giving chest milk utilizing related areola set Call : 9745073860, 0484 2526664

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TYNOR CERVICAL PILLOW Thing depiction Encircled Cervical Pillow is proposed to keep the neck in the barely hyperextension position around night to counter the strong strain made in the day where we will lead in uncertainty keep the neck in the flexion position. It fixes the cervical issues while you rest. Twofold Contour Anatomical game-plan Long huge life Enhanced comfort Otherwise called neck cushion, pad for neck torment, best cervical pad, cervical help pad, orthopedic pad CALL : 9745073860 0484 2526664

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DR. MOREPEN HOT WATER BOTTLE The Top Models Of Hot Water Bottle Is A Rubber Water Bottle That Is Filled With Hot Water And Used To Warm A Part Of The Body. Warm Water Bottle Is Used As Provide Warmth And For The Local Application Of Heat To Relieve Pain And Discomfort. The Price Of hot Bottle Pad Is Affordable. The Consumers Can Get The Best Hot container Bag From A Good Seller. DR MOREPEN HOT WATER BOTTLE Satisfy Your Requirements. Otherwise called heated water pack, hot jug, elastic high temp water bottle, warm water bottle, heated water compartment CONTACT : 9745073860 , 0484 2526664

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KARMA MOTORIZED WHEEL CHAIR We Provide Our Top Model Of Wheel Chair CP 200. We Are The Largest Marketer And Retailer Of Karma Wheelchair In All Around Ernakulam. This Wheelchair Specification Like Foldable, Ultra Light Weight, Elevated And Swinging Foot Rest And Provide Safety Belt. The Consumers Can Get The Best Karma Cp 200 Pedatric Wheelchair From Best Seller. Otherwise called electric wheelchair, mechanized seat, foldable electric wheelchair, lightweight power wheelchair, battery worked wheelchair CONTACT : 9745073860 , 0484 2526664

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DYNA POST MATERNITY CORSET The stomach divider winds up being free after work. To recover to the past shape an extra help and weight is basic. Stick offers weight to the stomach district and dismisses hanging. Highlights: Recoup shape and sureness post transport without monotonous activities, refuses nourishment and horrible tonics. Stick comes in 25 cm width that covers the whole midsection. This gives full help and weight to the stomach muscles. Offers obvious load for better outcomes Stretchable versatile material accident anomalies under the pieces of attire and gives a smooth, energizing figure Material is non-sitting around idly with smooth edges along these lines guaranteeing wearing solace Light weight, can be worn under clothing Expanded width of 25 cm which no other contender thing offers and this will give most crazy help to your stomach dividers Fascinating wide weave enables the skin to breath and imagines singular stench Extraordinary versatility and stretch breaking point guarantees sufficient weight and sponsorships disabled muscle Otherwise called baby blues gut wrap, post pregnancy bodice, post pregnancy belt, after pregnancy belt, baby blues wrap CALL : 9745073860, 0484 2526664

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BFIT UNDER PAD Depiction B fit adult diapers better for adult incontinence. It have been made with your comfort in min. Its excessively fragile interior cotton padding feels good like material and re-fastenable tapes can be adjusted for an agreeable fit. Its extremely retentive gel focus keeps you feeling dry and fresh for a significant long time, without obsessing about incontinence. Its chance to wander out of those embarrassing minutes, recuperate your sureness, and experience the joy of being afresh. Otherwise called bed cushions, expendable bed cushions, reusable bed cushions, grown-up bed cushions, waterproof bed cushion Features and nuances Pack of 10 diapers Effective retentiveness Fitting for the two individuals Call : 9745073860, 0484 2526664

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HAWALKER MEN'S DIABETIC and Orthopedic FOOT WEAR Thing depiction Hawalker Softy exhibits this present men's diabetic and pleasing idea softy dull shaded sandals.Designed with MCP (Micro Cellular Rubber) insoles that are furnished with stay away from back memory.Softy give without inquiry helping to cut down leg torment, impact point torment split feet, irritation, curve torment, foot ulcers, irresistible ailment of feet and all feet related torments. Thing shading may scarcely differ in light of photographic lighting or your screen setting.Please infer measure outline in the picture Otherwise called shoes for foot torment, diabetic footwear, ortho shoes, diabetic shoes, therapeutic shoes For diabetic, orthopedics and remedial patients Decay foot related Pain MCP insoles Light Weight and Durable Thoughtfully infer check diagram in the picture CALL : 9745073860, 0484 2526664

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COMMODE CHAIR WITH WHEEL We Provide Good Quality chest Chair With Wheel Rainbow 5 Is The Excellent Folding Wheelchair Which Is Available From A Famous Dealer And Distributor In Perumbavoor, Ernakulam, kerala. This Commode Wheelchair Is A Multipurpse Toilet Wheelchair. The wheelchair Cushion Gives Patient Comfortable For Sitting. Chest type wheelchair Gives tallness Can Be Adjustable And Lockable Wheel Breaks It Is Given Maximum Comfort And Stability For User. Otherwise called latrine seat, chest can, restroom seat, chest situate, compact cabinet CONTACT: 9745073860 , 0484 2526664

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PERFEXA PULSE OXIMETER Thing Description In context on prosperous industry practice, we are verified with giving a wide level of Pulse Oximeter. This range is enormously used inferable from their reasonable rates and strong nature. Also known as finger pulse oximeter, blood oxygen monitor, fingertip oximeter, best pulse oximeter, pulse oxygen meter Specific Details: Measure Blood Oxygen Saturation SP and puls Rate unequivocally CALL : 9745073860 , 0484 2526664