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BP BULB WITH VALVE Thing Description In order to satisfy diverse necessities of our respected clients, we are busy with giving a perfect quality show of Blood Pressure Bulbs. CALL : 9745073860 0484 2526664

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TYNOR CERVICAL PILLOW Item portrayal Shaped Cervical Pillow is intended to keep the neck in the marginally hyperextension position around evening time to counter the solid strain produced in the day where we will in general keep the neck in the flexion position. It fixes the cervical issues while you rest. Twofold Contour Anatomical plan Long useful life Enhanced solace CALL : 9745073860 0484 2526664

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LEUKOPOR ADHESIVE TAPE Item Description - the delicate tape for very touchy skin Leukopor® is made of a delicate and flexible polyester thick nonwoven covered with a skin-accommodating polyacrylate glue. It is very penetrable to air in this way diminishing the danger of macerations. Leukopor® is great endured by the skin. It evacuates effectively without leaving any buildup. Fundamental employments Obsession of twisted dressings of numerous types and sizes on profoundly delicate skin Verifying of anodes and estimating gadgets CALL : 9745073860 0484 2526664

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HAWALKER WOMEN'S DIABETIC & ORTHOPAEDIC FOOT WEAR Thing delineation Hawalker presents this present women's diabetic and supportive thought softy dull shaded slippers.Designed with MCR insoles that are outfitted with skirt back memory.Softy give without question mitigation to bring down leg pain, heel torment broke feet, inflammation, arch pain, foot ulcers, infectious malady of feet and all feet related torments. Accommodating Care Footwear Diminish foot related Pain MCR insoles Light Weight Strong CALL : 8943176000, 0484 2526664

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HAWALKER MEN'S DIABETIC AND ORTHOPAEDIC FOOT WEAR Item depiction Hawalker Softy shows this present men's diabetic and helpful consideration softy dark shaded sandals.Designed with MCP (Micro Cellular Rubber) insoles that are outfitted with skip back memory.Softy give beyond any doubt alleviation to lower leg pain, heel torment split feet, inflammation, arch pain, foot ulcers, contagious disease of feet and all feet related torments. Item shading may marginally fluctuate because of photographic lighting or your screen setting.Please allude measure outline in the picture For diabetic, orthopedics and restorative patients Decrease foot related Pain MCP insoles Light Weight and Durable Kindly allude estimate diagram in the picture CALL : 9745073860 0484 2526664

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INFI MANUAL BREAST PUMP This Manual Breast siphon is light weight and limited in plan. It is definitely not hard to use either at home or outside if you are voyaging. Light weight and reduced, Infi Manual Breast Pump is definitely not hard to work with one hand and prepared to convey it wherever and at whatever point effectively. Pervasive Silent Motor – grants imparting in complete assurance wherever, at whatever point. Remarkable Features Goes with holder and areola and best for container to pass on chest siphon For profitable use this chest direct at home or in a rush and Small and Compact Easy to gather, Easy to use, Easy to clean Single siphoning Continuously spotless for chest as all parts can be sanitized Kid can be supported just in the wake of imparting chest milk using associated areola set Call : 97450 73860, 0484 2526664

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B FIT UNDERPAD Portrayal B fit grown-up diapers better for grown-up incontinence. It have been made with your solace in min. Its overly delicate internal cotton cushioning feels comfortable like material and re-fastenable tapes can be balanced for a comfortable fit. Its very retentive gel center keeps you feeling dry and crisp for quite a long time, without agonizing over incontinence. Its opportunity to venture out of those humiliating minutes, recover your certainty, and experience the delight of being once more. Highlights and subtleties Pack of 10 diapers Successful retentiveness Appropriate for the two people Call 97450 73860 0484 2526664

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SURGICAL GLOVES Item Description Non Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves Disposable is providing quality scope of Non Sterile Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves. These items are cleanly and sophistically manufactured utilizing quality latex that guarantee solace and wellbeing while long hour tasks. Our offered items are perfect answer for insurance from microscopic organisms, infections and different infectious components noticeable all around. In addition, these are given in different sizes, examples, details and are put away in sterile conditions. CALL: 97450 73860, 0484 2526664

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CLINICAL FACE MASK Thing Description We are busy with offering Hospital Face Mask. Our offered things are manufactured with using quality assessment material and latest advancement in adherence with industry gauges and measures. Inferable from its features, the offered thing is commonly used in different crisis centers and prosperity establishments. Features: Easy to apply Sterile Lightweight CALL : 97450 73860, 0484 2526664

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PERFEXA PULSE OXIMETER Item Description Because of prosperous industry practice, we are engaged with giving a wide scope of Pulse Oximeter. This range is hugely utilized attributable to their sensible rates and solid nature. Different Details: Measure Blood Oxygen Saturation SP and puls Rate precisely CALL : 9745073860, 0484 2526664